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Mikis Theodorakis has been accused, like Vassilis Vassilikos (author of "Z") and Mimis Androulakis, of being paid to spend "some days in prison", of afterwards becoming minister, and of having had "a good time in Paris".
He published the following answer:

Public Declaration of Repentance

To the “Union of the Cells of Fire” and the “Terrorist Partisan Group”

My young heroes, I am proud of you! You are the veritable descendants of our national heroes Kolokotronis, Androutsos and Aris Velouchiotis. And thus also the last remaining hope of our betrayed people.

With your courageous public judgment on my person, you have opened my eyes. I confess, even if admittedly very late in the day, that I was a traitor, a collaborator of the Junta and of the Right, those enemies of the people. And now, full of remorse, I await my just punishment.

My house stands in a small side-road, off Garibaldi Street, at No 1, Epifanous. From the chamber in which I habitually lay my guilty head down to sleep, I look out over the slopes of the Philopappous Hill. And so it will be a simple matter for you to throw from thence some incendiary device destined to kill me, thus freeing me from the pangs of conscience with which I am tormented. In order to help you in this enterprise, I shall leave the windows open wide – even though I thereby expose myself to the perils of influenza. Such trivialities are obviously of no concern when one is dealing with “terrorist” avengers.

Je vous remercie

Mikis Theodorakis
Athens, 17.11.2009

p.s. Poor Papadopoulos, why are you not here, to rejoice in your seed?

English translation: Ariel Wagner-Parker

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