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05.10.07: PM thanks Theodorakis for relief concerts

Theodorakis sings and helps

Prime minister Costas Karamanlis on Thursday sent a letter to Greek world-renowned composer Mikis Theodorakis for the concerts he organised on the weekend at the ancient open-air Herod Atticus Theatre in Athens, the proceeds of which will be donated for the relief of the people who suffered losses during the devastating wildfires in several parts of Greece this past summer.

Congratulating all the people who were involved in the organisation of and took part in the concerts, Karamanlis said that their action rendered culture a life stance that concerns every aspect of public activity, becoming a strong bond and continuation of a society of active citizens.

"Dear Mikis, I wanth to warmly congratulate you for the sensitivity you always manifest in times of difficult national circumstances. A sensitivity that was expressed in the two concerts with your works at the Herod Atticus this past Saturday and Sunday. The debate of the government's Policy Statement in parliament did not allow me to be with you on those two special nights that united all our souls through your music, lighting up all that unites us: our love for man, nature, culture, and our country," Karamanlis said in his letter.

"Warm congratulations are due to all of you. To Lakis Lazopoulos for his initiative and the presentation of those two exceptional nights. To Margarita Theodorakis (Miikis' daughter) for her successful coordination of the event, and to all the artists, singers and actors, and to the musicians of the Mikis Theodorakis orchestra, who placed themselves and their talent in the service of our fellow human beings who suffered from the devastating fires, and also to the technicians who worked for the success of the two concerts. With this act of yours, you rendered culture into a way of life that concerns every aspect of public action, becoming a strong bond and continuation of a society of active citizens," the letter said.

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