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19.10.06: Appeal to the President of Iran

Epifanous 1 St.
117 42, Athena-Greece
tel. 0030-210-9214863
fax 0030-210-9236325

To His Excellency the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Athens, 19.10.2006

Your Excellency,

I am a great admirer and friend of the people of Iran.
Especially at this time, when your country is a target of the USA, I am on your side and try to help as much as I can with my limited means.

Please, allow me – with all the respect I have for your person and the laws of your country – to express my opinion about the death sentence. I have always fought, and I still fight, for the abolition of the death penalty, as I consider this manner of protection and punishment as inhuman, achieving the opposite results from those we are aiming at.

Since I have learnt that the execution of seven convicts is imminent, I would like to appeal to you to suspend the executions of the condemned people.

I do not dare talk yet about the abolition of the death sentence itself, but I hope that you will reexamine the question in the future. This would be another act of humanism, an act which proves the power and the self-confidence of your country at this juncture in history, when the eyes of progressive humanity are focused on your country and on your difficult struggle against the unjust and barbarous pressures and threats being directed at you.

With all my respect,

Mikis Theodorakis

The reason of this appeal

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