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31.07.05: Mikis Theodorakis underlines concern over spread of international terror

Greece's "national composer" Mikis Theodorakis underlined his concern over the spreading phenomenon of terrorism and suicide bombers, during a press conference given in Hania on Sunday on the sidelines of an international conference.

"It is with great concern that we see that humanity, instead of moving toward peace and prosperity and correcting the mistakes of the rich toward the poor peoples - in African and South Asia where the biggest wrongs are - is instead moving to an escalation of warfare and other similar losses and actions," he said.

According to Theodorakis the "three major wounds" of the world at present were the Palestinian problem, Iraq and ever-increasing suicide bomb attacks that appeared to be spreading.

"This situation has to end. And in order for it to end, we must go back and look at things all over again, since the end of the World War. We have to see, in fact, that every country must confine itself to its own borders. The strong countries can prevail but using economic means, cultural means, human means but not war. The use of force must once again be forbidden," he stressed.

He said that the United Nations should become more active and take decisions, so as to stop the escalation of violence.

Theodorakis also noted that many ordinary Europeans had been strongly opposed to the war in Iraq when it began but gave up when they found themselves ignored by their leaders.

"America believes that with this terrible power that it has that by imposing violence somewhere it will make humanity quiet and that others will not be able to react. Today there is this reaction with people who commit suicide. Tomorrow it will be something else," the composer said.

Theodorakis also referred to relations between Greece and Turkey, saying that the two neighbours would have decided whether they would live with each other or against each other.

He called for a stop to armaments procurements in both countries, pointing out that these drained resources and kept the two countries back.

"As a Greek, I feel the injustice that is taking place in my country, see that first among the 15 and now the 25 EU states it is last in development. Without arms programmes, my country would be in the top positions," he said.

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