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12.12.04: For NYT, "Zorba" among the best CD's of 2004

Zorba - The Decca Recording
The (already) famous version of "Zorba" by Mikis Theodorakis, of "Adagio" and of excerpts of "Carnival", all performed by Orchestre et Choeur Symphoniques de Montréal and Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Charles Dutoit, was nominated today one of the 25 best CDs of the year by the New York Times.

Congratulations to all!

Here what JAMES R. OESTREICH writes:

Ionna Forti, soprano; Montreal Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Charles Dutoit; others (Decca)

Morbid curiosity made me listen to the "Zorba" ballet music; the music's raw excitement and unexpected charm made me listen again. And again. Higher minds and ears will fault the music, if not for its film and folk connections, then for its derivations from Orff and Verdi. Their loss.

New York Times - Arts and Leisure: The Best Classical CD's of 2004

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