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07.11.04: Statement on FYROM, Cyprus, Turkey

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World-renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis called for unity as Hellenism was entering a difficult, critical and dangerous period that left no room for petty-political clashes.

"The surprise US gesture to Skopje, with its anti-Greek spearhead, should comprise a 'warning bell' that calls us to unity, vigilance and contemplation as Hellenism is entering a very difficult, critical and dangerous period that leaves no margins for clashes of a petty political nature," Theodorakis said in a statement.

"We must look clearly at the present and future correlation of powers, where it appears that our country, and Cyprus with it, are the target of the superpower (US)," he said, and proposed the forging of a national policy of common acceptance to confront the difficulties, at the same time stressing the importance of Greece's allies in Europe, the Arab world, Russia and the Balkans in that direction.

Specifically regarding the problem of FYROM and Albania, he proposed that it be made clear that the interests of the neighbouring countries lay in the direction of good relations with Greece.

Theodorakis further clarified that Greece's objection to the name 'Republic of Macedonia' was naturally "not with the words but what some quarters visibly signal behind those words, namely the irredentist claims against our country's (territorial) integrity".

"This is something that unfortunately was not made sufficiently known, with the well-known results. It is, therefore, today, time to resoundingly shout in every direction, and chiefly to Skopje itself, so that there will be no delusion regarding our future stance -- which in every instance will be what it always has been whenever our national integrity faced dangers," he said.

Finally, regarding Greek-Turkish relations, Theodorakis noted that Turkey's domestic problems had not been definitively resolved, and stressed that "peaceful coexistence" of the two peoples was the only way, warning that any other path would be really catastrophic.

After: Athens News Agency 7.11.2004

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