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20.08.04: Theodorakis's health improves after operation

On the evening of 17.08., at 8.00 p.m., Mikis Theodorakis, after a new crisis, was again admitted to Evangelismos Hospital in Athens.

A gall-bladder infection, due to the gallstones he suffers from, had made a first hospitalisation already necessary from 4 to 7 August.

His doctors had first hoped to avoid surgery, submitting Mikis Theodorakis to pharmaceutical treatment, which however has proven unable to resolve the problem.

Therefore, on 18.08., at 7.30 a.m., Mikis Theodorakis was operated. According to the surgeons, Dr. Styloyanni et Dr. Prigouri, the operation was successful. Theodorakis stays now in the unit of increased care and Dr. Ch. Roussos has declared that his health situation develops satisfactorily.

19.08.: It is expected that Mikis Theodorakis will remain for roughly five days in the Evangelismos Hospital.

20.08.: According to the doctors Ch. Roussos, P. Styloyannis, P. Prigouris, E. Plesias and A. Avgerinos who care about Mikis Theodorakis, his health is continuously improving.

We wish Mikis all the best!

18.08.: The Turkish comment

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