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No Bombs on Iraq


The unilateral decision of the President of the United States - with the sole support of the Prime Minister of Great Britain - to bomb Iraq, without discussing the matter previously with the United Nations Security Council, NATO and the US's allies in Europe, ushers in a new era that recalls the phantoms of the past. European Leaders received a resounding slap in the face with the contempt of this "global bully" who, safe inside his stronghold of weaponry, does not shrink from sacrificing innocent human victims to serve his personal interest.

We, the signatories of this appeal, believe that the tragic events of the moment should serve as a clarion call to the peoples of Europe and to our leaders.

It is time to deploy the vast power and influence of the European Union, which can become a great force for peace - if the will is there. This we believe is our first duty, a duty as important as our striving towards the economic, social and cultural development of our peoples.

To bring this about, however, we must rid ourselves of our inferiority complex towards the US, reassess the role the US continues to play as guardian of many countries in Europe, of the European Union as a whole.

Europe must develop her own independent foreign and defence policy, must become a leading defender of international law and world peace. Must put an end to the US's self-imposed role of global policeman, protecting its interests world-wide and thereby threatening the sovereignty, the independence and the rights of the peoples of the whole world.

Europe must cut the umbilical cord, with which, via NATO, she is bound to her degrading role as satellite to foreign interests. What is the object of the Atlantic Alliance since the collapse of the Soviet Union? Any and all mechanisms which reduce us to a mere pawn of the US's arrogant policy must be destroyed.

Europe must fight for complete independence. Become conscious of her power and the vital importance of her mission in defending international law, the rights of defenceless peoples and world peace.

The hard, humiliating slap in the face we received should serve to rouse us at last.

We must work fast and effectively to elevate Europe to the status of a leading force for peace, a defender of the interests and rights of all peoples against the arbitrary decisions of a single superpower. With this latest act of arrogance, the US has reached new spheres of autocracy, which humiliate us both as individuals and as nations. This is the motive of the present appeal; it can be summarised in a few words :

Restore pride to the peoples of Europe. Stop the autocratic US from posing as our guardian. Create an independent Europe, with sovereignty in economy and defence, capable of freeing the world from the ancient rule of guns, the weapons of today, which, as we Europeans know only too well, have always brought misfortune upon the peoples of the world.

Mikis Theodorakis

December 1998

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