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09.11.01: Anti-war rally held in Athens

Photo taken outside the US embassy.
A rally calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan was held at Syntagma Square in Athens late on Thursday afternoon and culminated with a march to the U.S. embassy. Anti-war movements, pacifist organizations, the Athens Labor Center, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and its youth wing and trade unions organized the event.

The demonstrators, over four thousand according to police estimates, were addressed by well-known composer Mikis Theodorakis who condemned the terrorist attack in the United States, but added that the Americans and their allies are attempting another genocide against humanity with their attack in Afghanistan.

Theodorakis said it is obvious that the crusade against terrorism constitutes a smoke screen to conceal the real targets of the new world order which the Americans and their close allies wish to impose.

Great anti-war protest yesterday November 8th in Greece.
In Greece, thousands marched for PEACE against the imperialistic war. The photograph is taken outside the US embassy. The march was organized by the workers unions, Peace organizations, left Parties, and university student unions. It was the biggest event since the beginning of the bombings. The protesters demanded:

* US to stop the bombing.
* Greece not to send any troops to Afghanistan, not to offer any kind of help in this war.
* Shutting down the American and NATO military bases in Greece
* NATO to get out of the Balkans

Many popular personalities of politics and culture participated in the protest.

* Mikis Theodorakis: the world-famous composer
* Manolis Glezos: Hero during the WWII ocupation in Greece.

In their speeches declared that the war is a truly dirty and imperialistic one and that every moral human has the obligation to stand and fight against it.

There were no clashes with the police.

Greek media made no or very little reports of the event.

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