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Athens, 1/4/2002

The Greek Political Youth Organisations with regards to the recent outrageous developments with the ongoing Israeli military aggression on the Autonomous Palestinian Territories and the siege of President Arafat, issue the following common statement:

We condemn the occupation of the Palestinian Territories by the Israeli Army and the unlawful siege of the democratically elected Leader of the Palestinian People.

The above actions of the Israeli government recycle violence in the Middle East and destroy the efforts for a peaceful solution of the problem created by the unlawful occupation by Israel of Palestine.

Israel exploiting the US position and the pathetic stance of the European Union, not only does it infringe the Human Rights of the Palestinian People, but it also outright violates Resolutions of the United Nations and any concept of international law.

None cannot be sorrow for actions, which lead to the deaths of innocent civilians, but the policy of violence of the Sharon government greatly deteriorates the situation.

We express our solidarity and our support to the Right of the Palestinian People to live peacefully in its own State, and in the just and peaceful solution of the problem, which is only possible on the basis of the full application of the UN Resolutions.

We express our solidarity with those of the Israeli people, which are against the policy of violence by the Sharon government and struggle for the peaceful coexistence of the two peoples and a viable solution of the Palestinian problem.

We call upon the Greek government to take immediately the initiative on the international level so as the Israeli aggression be halted and the UN resolutions be applied immediately for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

We call upon the Greek Youth and its mass organisations to express in all ways their solidarity with the Palestinian people. We therefore take the initiative for:

* A Protest-Concert of Solidarity with the Palestinian people on the 10/4/2002 at Syntagma Square in Athens at 07:30 p.m.
* Meeting with the Ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in Athens
* Delivery of this Statement to the Israeli Embassy in Athens
* Delivery of this Statement to the President of the Greek Parliament
* Sending a mission of the Greek Political Youth Organisations in Palestine

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